Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swagga Like Kanye

Los Angeles - Kanye West refuses to stop wearing tight jeans. The US rapper - who has his own clothing line - will not be forced into wearing a "hip-hop uniform" by people who tease him about his style choices.

"The whole baggy jeans versus tight jeans thing - Run DMC, Fat Boys, they wore tight jeans with gyms shoes and that was hip-hop. Then people started wearing big jeans and that was supposed to be hip-hop," he said.

"When I first did big jeans, people said that was 'skater'. Now you think 'skater' and that's super-tight jeans. They keep trying to label me but the labels won't stick."

Kanye believes it is a person's attitude which makes them a true star, and insists he is the most "hip-hop" person on the planet because he refuses to be pigeonholed. "I see a lot of people wearing the exact same uniform and there's nothing wrong with that. But at what point did hip-hop get so many rules? Hip-hop was about breaking rules," he told MTV.
"I'm one of the most hip-hop people on earth because I say and do exactly what the fuck I wanna do and say.

"The backlash I get now for dressing the way I dress or saying what I say or making music I do - that's the same backlash I got in high school for being hip-hop. I was always two steps ahead and I thought that was what hip-hop was."

- Bang

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