Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sorry Ya'll

Aight so its been awhile since i been up on this blog shit. I apologize, ima start doin it again. My 21st birthday is in 8 days, and im gettin real anxious. I have a feeling its not gonna be hella smackin, BUT ima make it do what it do. All i need is some bottles, fine women, purple berries, and some good music and i should be A-O-K. I am definitely lookin for that birthday sex tho. So far my plans consist of me goin to Toons for my nigga Nio Tha Gift function out in San Jose. During the day i have no idea whats going on, but i do know ima be gettin loaded all day and sippin all day, ima treat it like im in vegas ya diggg. BAW! follow me on twitter. and add my music page thank you.

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